The New York Times: CIRCUITS; To Help Tune the TV, A High-Tech Arachnid By Eric Taub

One nice thing about watching TV on a plain old analog set is that not much can go wrong with its relatively low-resolution image. But the new crop of digital sets is less forgiving. Regular adjustments to color, brightness, contrast and other parameters can make a big difference in picture quality. To get the best viewing experience, you can make adjustments by guessing; using a tuner DVD, like Digital Video Essentials, to display various test patterns; or going the high-tech route offered by Datacolor.Attach Datacolor's SpyderTV unit to the screen using its suction cups, and the $269 device measures images sent from the included DVD. It then transmits that information to your computer through a U.S.B. cable, where software recommends the adjustments to optimize the picture.Because color phosphors fade and other settings can shift over time, the company recommends that you recalibrate your television every six months. And you thought watching TV was easy? Download the Review - PDF (609 kb)
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