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January 2007 Photo © Michael Bretherton
In support of Polar Bears International, we have teamed up with Lowepro and Outdoor Photographer to invite readers to submit their best photos for a chance to win the Grand Prize and have their photo published in Outdoor Photographer.

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By participating in our new software survey, you will be entered to win a brand new Apple ipod nano! Congratulations to Ken L. from Oregon for winning an iPod nano in our previous survey.

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Krista Behrend, Digital Imaging Product Manager

Expert Advice
Black and White Digital Print Options

There are a number of possible methods for creating inkjet digital prints in black and white. They involve using color or tinted grayscale inks, using the manufacturer’s black and white functions, color driver, or third party RIP drivers, and various control systems to create curves or profiles. Some of these methods come free with your printer, while others (typically those using special black and white inks with special RIPs) can cost up to thousands of dollars. For those who own PrintFIX PRO™ for their color work, version 2.0 now offers the ability to control several of these methods at no additional charge.

There are three categories of black and white printing possible with PrintFIX PRO™ 2.0. The simplest, and by far the most flexible, is to use the same Color Printer Driver you use for color printing, and to augment your PrintFIX PRO™ color profiles with Extended Gray Data, then print your black and white images through the Color Driver and Extended Profile. This allows both color and black and white prints using the same printer, the same workflow, and even the same printer profile.

The second PrintFIX PRO™ method is to use special ICC-profilable grayscale inks. This will limit your printer (while these inks are installed) to black and white or tinted black and white printing. The profiling process is as simple as profiling the printer for color, just print and read the High Quality target, and print your black and white images.

The final black and white printing process that PrintFIX PRO™ can assist with is Linearization and Profiling of black and white RIPs, or color RIPs with black and white functionality. This is an advanced process for those with an interest in specialty RIPs.

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Photoshop Tip of the Month
Getting More Accurate Color Using Replace Color

If you're using Replace Color (under the Image menu, under Adjustments) to select an area within your photo and replace it with a different color, the new color is pretty much an approximation, because you're dragging sliders, rather than inputting the exact RGB or CMYK build you're looking for. In Photoshop CS2, there's a way around this. Once you've selected the area of color you want to replace, click on the Color Swatch to the right of the sliders in the Replacement section (it wasn't there in previous versions). This brings up the Color Picker, where you can enter the exact RGB or CMYK values for your new color.

C. David Tobie wins Microsoft® MVP Award

Our resident "Color Geek" and contributor to the Expert Advice column, C. David Tobie, was awarded as aMicrosoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on 01/01/2007. MVPs are awarded for their demonstrated technical expertise, willingness to help others and commitment to technical communities. We recognize and appreciate David's extraordinary contribution, and congratulate him on this prestigious accomplishment.

WYSIWYS: What You See Is What You Shot
NEW Spyder2PRO™ Rebate Program!

January marks the introduction of our new WYSIWYS Spyder2PRO™ Rebate Program! Spyder2PRO™ has a $50 instant in store rebate when you purchase any digital SLR at participating resellers.

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Training & Seminars

From time to time Eliot Cohen leads workshops that combine the photography and editing aspects in locations that are very scenic. The schedule for 2007 includes:

March 5 - 15, 2007 - Patagonia with International Expeditions
Enjoy this opportunity to photograph the beautiful landscape and unique wildlife of this extraordinary area. We will be staying aboard a modern, comfortable ship designed to navigate the waterways and inlets of Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego. We will mix lots of photography with some editing conversations. It promises to be a spectacular experience.

April 16 - 20, 2007 - RAW File Capture and Editing Techniques with the Santa Fe Workshops
RAW file capture offers tremendous flexibility to digital photographers. This workshop will combine photography in the Santa Fe area with techniques for converting RAW files prior to further editing. Work will be done in the digital lab at Santa Fe Workshops.

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Learn The Ins And Outs Of Color Calibration

One of the greatest advantages of digital photography is how it provides us complete control over our images. However, that can also cause one of its greatest challenges, like matching what we see on the monitor to what is produced in the final print. Discover how ColorVision products can help you produce the best results from your favorite digital photographs.

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Expert Advice: Black and White Digital Print Options