Get a Better HDTV Picture (PC World)

By Anush Yegyazarian

That HDTV looks great in your living room, and you'll be able to see every moment in crisp detail as the Colts and the Bears clash on Super Bowl Sunday. But are you getting the best color out of your set?

We told you about ColorVision's inexpensive color calibrators for PC monitors in December's 53 Hardware Secrets, along with other PC and graphics tips.

Now ColorVision has come out with a color calibrator for HDTVs.

The $229 ColorVision Datacolor SpyderTV supports plasmas, LCDs, DLPs, and rear-projection sets. The combination hardware and software product analyzes your set's image output and guides you through making the adjustments so you can get the best color from your investment.

You can get the product online, or from a retailer like CompUSA or Fry's.

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