Datacolor Announces Spyder2PRO, Spyder2 Suite and Spyder2express Monitor Calibration Tools Certified for Windows Vista

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ - March 21, 2007 - Datacolor, a world leader in color technology, today announced that its Spyder2PRO, Spyder2 Suite and Spyder2express monitor calibration products now "Work with" Windows Vista.

"The new 'Works with' Windows Vista-certified versions of our Spyder2 products ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless experience and compatibility if they transition to the new Windows Vista operating system," said Krista Behrend, Digital Imaging Product Manager at Datacolor. "Accurate color is critical for creative professionals and we worked to ensure that with the introduction of Windows Vista it would be easy for our customers to continue to leverage our products."

Datacolor's line of ColorVision Spyder2 products has become the most recognizable and honored color calibration brand in the world, encompassing digital imaging innovations for creative professionals and professional photographers.

The Spyder2 is a color calibration system for CRT, LCD, laptop displays and front projectors that ensures the accurate display of on-screen color. Spyder2express is a quick, easy, and accurate monitor calibration tool for beginners that want to ensure accurate color on their display. Spyder2PRO is the professional's choice for monitor calibration and is designed to deliver exact color matching across all aspects of their workflow.

"Microsoft is pleased that Datacolor has earned the Works with Windows Vista software logo for their Spyder2 calibration solutions," said Dave Wascha, Director of Windows Client Partner Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp. "This highlights Datacolor's commitment to providing its customers with applications that are compatible with Windows Vista."

"By working with Microsoft, we feel confident that our Spyder2 products will provide users of Windows Vista with the quality and reliability they have come to expect from Datacolor," added Behrend.

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