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   April 2007

Learn The Ins And Outs Of Color Calibration

One of the greatest advantages of digital photography is how it provides us complete control over our images. However, that can also cause one of its greatest challenges, like matching what we see on the monitor to what is produced in the final print. Discover how ColorVision products can help you produce the best results from your favorite digital photographs.

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Software Updates

PrintFIX PRO printer calibration products now “Work with” Windows Vista

“The new ‘Works with’ Windows Vista-certified versions of our PrintFIX PRO products ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless experience and compatibility if they transition to the new Windows Vista operating system”

– Krista Behrend

Digital Imaging Product Manager, Datacolor

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Expert Advice

Spyder2PRO Projector Calibration and Whitepoint Adaptation

When in Projector Calibration mode, Spyder2PRO™ does not offer RGB Gains adjustment to set Whitepoint. Users sometimes question why this function is missing; so its worth explaining why it is not offered in Projector mode.

The eye adapts automatically to the color of white, based on the brightest whites in the field of view. Under projection conditions (a darkened room, where nothing else is as bright as the image from the projector), the eye’s white adaptation it totally controlled by the combination of the projection and projection screen.

Projecting a grayramp from Photoshop onto a pink wall, in a properly darkened room, will result in a ramp that the eye adapts to, producing a range of grays ending in white. The “white” will be the pink of the wall, but the eye will see it as white (really: try it, if you can’t believe it!) The same will happen with a blue wall, a green one, any tone at all. Color tints caused by projector color adjustments are similarly effected.

Given this natural adaptation to the whitepoint of the projection/screen combination, adjusting RGB Gains controls is a hopeless task; adjust it to be warmer, wait a minute, and the new warmer whitepoint will appear neutral. Adjust it to be cooler, and soon that will appear to be correct as well. Since adjusting controls under these conditions is not practical, and can cause dimming of the projector, the function has been eliminated from projection mode.

Photoshop Tip of the Month

Are Your Colors Press Ready?

If you’re working on an image that will be printed on a printing press and you select a color that’s outside the range of what a CMYK press can reproduce, you’ll get what’s called a Gamut Warning right within Photoshop’s Color Picker. This is just to let you know that the color you’ve chosen is outside the CMYK gamut. Just below the warning is a tiny color swatch showing you what the color you picked will really look like when printed in CMYK mode. To find out where that color resides within the Color Picker, click once directly on that tiny swatch and Photoshop will pick that color for you.

Featured Photographer

Chip Simons

Chip has been shooting various subjects for various clients for almost 20 years. Clients have called him ‘the Original Alternative Choice’ photographer. His work is split among advertising, editorial, stock and personal projects. His innovative camera and lighting techniques have won him acclaim and various awards with The Art Directors Club + Art Director’s Annual, Prints Design Annual and the Society of Newspaper Design. He has been the feature photographer for numerous professional articles in Peterson’s Photographic Magazine, Photo District News and others.

His images have been featured as professional examples in advertisements and brochures for many gear manufacturers- such as Hasselblad, Nikon and Imacon. He is a prolific shooter and never ceases to challenge himself and his viewers with innovative images. Clients include Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and many other publications. Commercial clients include the US Postal Service, Sony Music His stock images are represented by Getty and Photis/ Picture Quest.

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