Fine-Tune Your High-Definition TV’s Settings (PC World)

Fine-Tune Your High-Definition TV's Settings
By Roy Santos

PC World - June 21, 2007

You just bought a big-screen high-definition TV. After installing it, you tuned in to an HDTV broadcast, expecting brilliant color and amazing resolution. But wait: Has your favorite team become the Boston Orange Sox? Do the Gilmore Girls look just a little bluer than usual? Are the Friday Night Lights shining so brightly that your eyes are starting to hurt? Maybe you're beginning to suspect that high-def isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Then again, maybe you need to tweak your TV's settings. Manufacturers often calibrate their HDTVs for the store showroom, emphasizing attention-grabbing brightness and cool, bluish colors. These settings may not work as well at home.

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