New Gear For 2007: PMA Report; Color Management (Shutterbug)

By Jon Canfield

Shutterbug - July 2007

ColorVision has updated the PrintFIX PRO product line, and announced updates to their product line to support Windows Vista. The PrintFIX PRO and PrintFIX PRO Suite, both at Version 2.0, give you the ability to create high-quality printer profiles with an easy to use spectrocolorimeter and easy to use software at a price significantly lower than any other similar package. The software includes the ability to adjust your printer profiles for different lighting conditions such as tungsten, daylight, and other light sources, as well as making adjustments to rendering intents, selecting the right media setting for your printer, and even checking the state of the printer heads and inks.

Where PrintFIX PRO really shines is in the ability to create profiles that are fine-tuned for black and white output. I haven't seen a better option for black and white from any vendor at any price-truly impressive. The difference between the PrintFIX PRO and the PrintFIX PRO Suite is the inclusion in the latter of a Spyder2PRO for monitor calibration.

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