Spyder3Studio – Product Rating: 5 (AAUG Reviews)

By Bruce Herman

AAUG Reviews - March 2, 2008

Spyder3Studio is Datacolor's recently released, complete solution to color management for photographers and artists working in the digital realm. Like its predecessor, PrintFIX Pro Suite 2, Spyder3Studio is actually two products bundled together. They are Spyder3Elite which is for display calibration and profiling; and Spyder3Print which is for profiling printer paper. Spyder3Studio differs from it predecessor in several important respects. The Spyder3 itself, which is used for monitor calibration and profiling, is smaller, more sensitive, more accurate, and faster. The ambient light sensor is built into the Spyder3 unit. The software component of Spyder3Elite contains a number of new features, including a real-time ambient light sensor and new alternatives for checking the calibration that do not require running a full-blown re-calibration. Spyder3Print includes a new guide that helps to position the spectrophotometer and thereby speed the process, and extended gray profiling.

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