Spyder3Elite Review (PhotographyBLOG)

By Jon Canfield

PhotographyBLOG - March 10, 2008

Monitor calibration has become fairly mainstream over the past few years. Nearly everyone knows they should be calibrating their displays, and a fair percentage of them are actually doing it. And, with the cost and ease of use down into the normal (i.e. non-geek) level, there is really no reason to not calibrate your display. Display calibration is important in order to ensure that the colours you see on your screen are going to be the colours seen on someone else's screen, or on the paper when you print. This is a simplistic explanation, but it gets the point across – the first step in colour accuracy is with an accurate display.

There are several good products out now that can handle the calibration process for you. X-Rite has the i1 Display 2, PANTONE has the huey Pro, and Datacolor has the Spyder. All will do a good job, some with more control than others, but in general, you can use any of these devices and have a properly calibrated display. So, with so many options available, and all of them good, why bring out a new device? Like everything, there is always room for improvement. And, with the new Datacolor Spyder3Elite, that improvement is both welcome, and visible.

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