Datacolor Launches Spyder3TV Display Calibration System

Datacolor Launches Spyder3TV Display Calibration System Improved picture, reduced energy consumption, and extended set life for TV enthusiasts and installers

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ--May 12, 2008—Datacolor, a global leader in digital color management technology, today announced the introduction of Spyder3TV – an easy-to-use display calibration system that enables home theater enthusiasts to achieve the most precise results when calibrating a display. Using Spyder3TV, TV buffs can fine-tune their own TVs and home theater systems to achieve better image quality, with correct colors and a much more pleasant viewing experience. Krista Behrend, product manager of the consumer business unit at Datacolor, says: “The home theater market still has a tremendous potential for growth, especially in the LCD TV segment. The high demand for these products illustrates that first-rate image quality is important to customers. However, flawed color rendition noticeably diminishes image quality. Spyder3TV is a product that gets the maximum image quality from TV systems, providing a significantly enhanced viewing experience for the consumer.” Spyder3TV includes an electronic measurement device that is placed on the front of the TV during the fine-tuning process. The user then installs the accompanying software onto a PC and Spyder3TV measures the set’s current configuration and determines its ideal settings. A walkthrough wizard guides consumers through the process from start to finish.

There are comprehensive help screens throughout, with before and after settings that enable comparison of the original and calibrated displays. A printable report is also available once calibration is complete so that the ideal settings can be reconfigured at any time. New technology for the most accurate picture and improved efficiency Spyder3TV enables users to optimize settings of plasma, RPTV, DLP, LCD, CRT and front projectors. By ensuring that brightness, contrast, color, tint and temperature levels are set to the optimum settings, Spyder3TV is able to extend a set’s life and reduce its energy consumption. A calibrated set will also display more accurate colors and lifelike skin tones, with better definition of shadow and highlight detail. John Nollendorfs, a Spyder3TV user, says: “The results I have achieved calibrating my new flat panel monitor with Spyder3TV are excellent.

The colorimeter defines the target settings meaning that I no longer have to spend hours tweaking them visually and with no guidance. “Using Spyder3TV, I’m not guessing what the brightness, saturation, contrast and other settings should be. Being a professional photographer, I appreciate good color and if I’m spending $2,000 on a home theater system, I want to be sure that I am seeing the best picture possible. With Spyder3TV, I know that I am.” System Requirements To calibrate a set using Spyder3TV, users will need a DVD player, remote controls for TV and DVD player, desktop or laptop PC located near the set being calibrated (Windows 2000 / XP 32/64 / Vista 32/64), USB port, Pentium II 800 MHz processor or higher, 256MB available RAM, 100MB available hard disk space and video card – 1,024 x 768 resolution, 24 bpp colour (16.7 million colours).

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About Spyder3TV

The Datacolor Spyder3TV™ delivers an easy-to-use solution for optimizing all the TVs in your house so you can see your pictures as the director intended. Color calibration can save on your display’s energy consumption and extends the life of your TV. Spyder3TV™ scientifically calculates the correct adjustments to brightness, contrast, color, tint and temperature, but is very simple to use. Don’t rely on your TV’s factory settings and don’t guess at what the correct settings are. Take control of your home theater experience and you’ll be amazed at the vivid colors you can achieve by doing a calibration.

About Datacolor

Datacolor is a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers, creative professionals and consumers, have been choosing Datacolor’s innovative technology and solutions to consistently achieve the right color for nearly 40 years. A Swiss held company, Datacolor’s global presence encompasses a sales, service and support network serving customers in more than 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, along with 13 worldwide operation and production facilities. Industries served include apparel and textile, paint and coatings, automotive, plastics, photography, home theater and others. For more information about Datacolor and its products or services, visit