Review of Datacolor Spyder3Studio (Perpetual Visions)

By Paula Sanders

I wrote a review about the ColorVision's Spyder2PRO and PrintFIX PLUS last year. The Spyder3 is better than ever. In this review I will be discussing monitor calibration only.

The Studio package contains both hardware and software for performing monitor calibration and for creating printer profiles. In addition, the software is the Elite software. There are two versions of Software for the Colorimeter, which is used to calibrate the monitor. The Elite version has more features than the Pro version even though the Colorimeter hardware is the same. To create printer profiles one uses the the Datacolor 1005™ Spectrocolorimeter and the Spyder3Print software . Since one can purchase different configurations, below is a comparison chart. It also includes information on the Spyder2Express™.

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