Datacolor Demonstrates Leading Global Color Management Solutions for Textile and Apparel Industries at ITMA Asia and CITME 2008

Datacolor Demonstrates Leading Global Color Management Solutions for Textile and Apparel Industries at ITMA Asia and CITME 2008 Innovative Color Solutions Connect Customers for Seamless Sourcing with Advanced Color Matching, Flexible Quality Control, Superior Visualization, and Expert Production Optimization

SHANGHAI, CHINA – July 27, 2008 – Hall E3/Booth #C06 – Datacolor, the global leader in digital color management technology for nearly 40 years, will showcase the latest version of its SPECTRUM™ family of solutions at this year’s International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) and China International Textile Machinery Exhibition (CITME) 2008. Datacolor will demonstrate how their technology can assist in integrating complex production recipes with a dye machine supervisor system positioned at a different location – all through the Internet. “Datacolor provides the tools necessary for effective and efficient color management across a number of industries,” said Terry Downes, chief executive officer of Datacolor. “Our proven color management solutions offer better efficiency through Digital Color Communications which help reduce the need for reprocessing while improving overall production, reducing costs, and minimizing waste, which is good for the bottom line and the environment.” Germany-based PENN Elastic, a member of the DOGI Group, introduced a variety of products from the Datacolor SPECTRUM solution to complete their dye-house automation project and increased their production capacity by 30% without adding any additional machinery. In an internal project performance study, PENN Elastic revealed that the number of re-dyes had been reduced significantly and first-time production can now be accurately delivered 85 percent of the time. In today’s global economy, Datacolor solutions enable established and emerging market customers to become globally viable and competitive. Several of our dye-house customers have gained recognition from large retail and apparel brands for their supply capabilities shortly after modernizing with Datacolor solutions. “Apparel companies are searching for supply chain partners that can react quickly and without compromises to their high-level needs,” says Eric Alho, Product Marketing Manager from Datacolor’s Swiss operation. “Datacolor is uniquely focused on providing open-ended solutions that can be integrated to other’s products to best serve these customers.” The following SPECTRUM-based products from Datacolor will be on display at their booth during ITMA Asia + CITME 2008:

• Datacolor ENVISION™ provides calibrated, precise on-screen color samples, complete with detailed images and texture to produce life-like product simulations as a substitute for physical samples. • Datacolor Spyder3® is a dynamic color calibration product that can be used to calibrate any computer monitor display or laptop. • Datacolor TOOLS® sets the standard for comprehensive color quality control by creating color measurement files, generating customized reports and giving users the ability to share data with other SPECTRUM products. TOOLS, together with the individual QC modules of Datacolor SORT and MONITOR demonstrates deep understanding of customer needs, including adapted solutions. • Datacolor TRACK® streamlines color communication and approval of digital samples. • Datacolor ColorMatcher® Light Booth delivers the features you need to evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence. • Datacolor CONDITIONER™ ensures color samples are consistent by conditioning them at fixed temperature and humidity prior to measurement. • Datacolor 650® is a spectrophotometer that has ultra-precise reflectance and transmittance measurements.

• Datacolor 600® high-precision, close-tolerance, reference grade spectrophotometer with special capabilities to handle fluorescent materials. • Datacolor CHECK® integrates Datacolor's high instrument standards with the power of a PDA, creating a portable spectrophotometer with unprecedented versatility. Datacolor CHECK allows you to capture color data anywhere and from samples of any shape or size - in any industry. • Datacolor MAESTRO™ is a simple but effective software tool that controls performance and correlates spectrophotometers with the Datacolor master reference instrument, reducing the number of submissions needed for color approval. • Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE® is the most popular color matching software at all levels of dye houses and dyestuff manufacturers • Datacolor PROCESS® closes the often missing link between excellent laboratory color recipes and the production environment. Dyers’ expert level know how is used to create batch tickets for even the most unique dyeing process according to individual customer needs, optimized by time and cost. • Datacolor TICKET™ software creates a job ticket and allows accurate recipes tracking throughout the process of dye house production.

• Datacolor WEIGH® measures the correct quantity of dyestuffs and chemicals essential for dyeing results that correlate with a predicted recipe. Transferring the amount information from an optimized production recipe into the color kitchen can be even more of a hassle. • Datacolor AHIBA™ IR stimulates all aspects of the production dyeing process, optimizing the correlation between laboratory recipes and production recipes in order to significantly reduce the time required to bring finished goods to market. • Datacolor AutoLAB® Solution Makers ensure fast, accurate solution preparation for textile mills and dyestuff manufacturers. For more information on Datacolor and the SPECTRUM family of solutions, visit About Datacolor Datacolor is a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers, creative professionals and consumers, have been choosing Datacolor’s innovative technology and solutions to consistently achieve the right color for nearly 40 years. A Swiss held company, Datacolor’s global presence encompasses a sales, service and support network serving customers in more than 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, along with 13 worldwide operation and production facilities. Industries served include apparel and textile, paint and coatings, automotive, plastics, photography, home theater and others. For more information about Datacolor and its products or services, visit