Objects of Desire: SpyderCube (PDN Gear Guide)

We've literally got a sock drawer stuffed with gray cards and assorted white balance/color temperature measurement devices we've collected over the years, which is why we approached Datacolor's new SpyderCube with some trepidation. But after seeing a demo of this new, all-in-one RAW calibration tool at PMA this year, we're ready to clean out the sock drawer and make room in our camera bag for the Cube.

Because it's a multi-sided device and not just a flat card, the SpyderCube lets you adjust your RAW images files using five separate surfaces—a white face to measure highlights versus the catchlight; a gray face for measuring color temperature and midtones; a black face to lock in your shadows; and a black trap (literally a hole at the bottom of the cube) to define absolute black.

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