A Perfect Photo Gadget for Father’s Day (nikondigital.org)

When David Tobie first showed me what looked like a Christmas tree ornament at the Press Sneak Peak event at PMA I thought perhaps it was a trendy European household decoration befitting the new European management at Colorvision/Datacolor. But once I realized it was carefully colored in white, gray and black it dawned on me that the SpyderCube was actually a pretty cool photo tool.

The basic idea of the SpyderCube is to allow you to capture a calibrated set of target values quickly in the lighting conditions where you'll be shooting and then use the data to accurately and quickly adjust your images in your image editing software (normally in the adjustments you make to load the Raw image). The obvious comparison is to a gray card, which many of us have used off and on for years to help get accurate white point readings to help set our white balance. In my case I have found several advantages of the SpyderCube over a traditional Gray card:

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