Datacolor Exhibits Complete Line of Monitor and Print Calibration Products During Annual Photoplus Expo in New York

Company Supports Several Show Events Including Nik Software Passport Program, Media TweetUp, and Photographer Ted Kawalerski's "Windows" Exhibit at Calumet NYC

New York, NY - October 22, 2009 -- (Booth #1108) -- Datacolor, a global leader in digital color management technology, will demonstrate its complete line of Spyder3 products including the newly-introduced Spyder3Studio SR™ System, Spyder3Express™, and Spyder3Print SR™ color management devices at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York. In addition, Datacolor will also demonstrate its Spyder3Elite™, Spyder3Pro™, and award-winning SpyderCube™. These color calibration solutions are expertly designed to address the color management needs of photographers and creative professionals who require the most accurate color for image capture, digital editing, and printing. The Spyder3 family of products makes digital workflow more efficient and helps users achieve their creative vision with greater color accuracy than ever before.

Bring Your Passport
Datacolor will also support a number of events and promotions surrounding PhotoPlus Expo including Nik Software's Passport promotion. Show attendees will receive a passport at Nik Software's booth and proceed to participating exhibitor booths for product demonstrations. At the completion of each demonstration, passports will be stamped. Attendees with all acquired stamps will be entered to win numerous prizes from participating exhibitors, including Datacolor.

Time to Tweet
Datacolor will also participate in the first TweetUp event at PhotoPlus for media, photographers, and VIPs in the social networking world. As a participant, Datacolor will provide products as giveaways during the event and share their latest products with attendees.

Windows Photo Exhibit
For 15 years, photographer Ted Kawalerski has viewed life from the inside looking out -- and sometimes from the outside looking in. In either case, it represents how we see much of our lives with one exception -- Kawalerski captured much of it with his camera.

From Shanghai to SoHo and Miami to Milan, Kawalerski uses color, motion, and an intuitive look at everyday life from a spectator's perspective to create a body of work that takes the mundane and transforms it to magnificent. Datacolor is proud to support Kawalerski's exhibit, which opened October 21st at Calumet Photographic (22 West 22nd St.) in New York City and runs through October 31st.

About the Spyder3 Family
Spyder3Studio SR
The Spyder3Studio SR workflow solution includes the new, and highly decorated, SpyderCube™ RAW calibration device that eliminates any need for traditional 18% gray cards; the Spyder3Elite™ monitor calibration tool which has become an industry standard and trusted by millions of photographers and enthusiasts; and the new Spyder3Print SR™ (Strip Reader) which offers significant advances in creating ICC printer profiles.

From capturing images to digital editing, you can rely on consistent, accurate color throughout your studio and digital workflow with Spyder3Elite™ display calibration. Designed for the way photographers work, Spyder3Elite is the next generation in calibration accuracy, precision and speed, allowing you to create profiles to your specifications and bring a new level of color control to your work.

The Spyder3Pro is the perfect calibration tool for professionals and enthusiasts who are looking for a fast and easy way to manage monitor calibration. Spyder3Pro is designed to deliver more precise control over white point and gamma, and has easy-to-use features including a new Display Assistant that stores and easily retrieves all user device-specific information on each display to save time during recalibration.

Datacolor's Spyder3Express ensures accurate, reliable and consistent colors every time so photographs, including tonal ranges in black-and-white photos, will always look their best and brightest. The Spyder3Express monitor calibration system provides an intuitive user interface for easy use in a few simple steps. In addition, the combination of both Mac and PC compatibility, along with unlimited license seats, means consumers can calibrate every computer monitor in the house, regardless of the Operating System or quantity.

Spyder3Print SR
Spyder3Print SR is a new spectrocolorimeter that incorporates significant advancements in ICC printer profile technology and a new software algorithm that ensures fast, easy and accurate measurements for outstanding color and black-and-white prints. Users at all levels of expertise will now be able to easily and quickly create ICC profiles in minutes by using Datacolor's Strip-Reading Spectrocolorimeter and SpyderGuide. The Spyder3Print SR provides outstanding results with any combination of inks, paper, and printer.

For years, photographers have relied on traditional flat gray cards to establish proper white balance in a wide range of shooting environments. Today, these professionals require new techniques to meet the changing dynamic of photography and new digital workflow processes. Capturing appropriate information at the time of image exposure greatly reduces time and effort in the post-production process and ensures true color rendition and image detail.

Each feature of the SpyderCube is designed to provide a unique solution to RAW adjustment needs, yet work together to produce precise white balance and overall image adjustment when shooting in RAW. For example, the White face of SpyderCube helps define highlights in relation to the catch-light; the Gray face measures color temperature and mid-tone response; the Black face defines shadows in relations to the Black Trap; and the Black Trap defines absolute black.

Pricing and System Requirements
All Spyder calibration products are compatible with Mac OSX (10.3 or higher) and Windows 2000, XP 32/64 and Vista 32/64 and have the following MSRP pricing:

Spyder3Studio SR -- $599.00
Spyder3Print SR -- $339.00
Spyder3Elite -- $249.00
Spyder3Pro -- $169.99
Spyder3Express -- $89.00
SpyderCube -- $59.00

For more information on purchasing Spyder3 products, please visit

About Datacolor
Datacolor is a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology. The world's leading brands, manufacturers, creative professionals and consumers have been choosing Datacolor's innovative technology and solutions to consistently achieve the right color for nearly 40 years. A Swiss held company, Datacolor's global presence encompasses a sales, service and support network serving customers in more than 65 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, along with 13 worldwide operation and production facilities. Industries served include apparel and textile, paint and coatings, automotive, plastics, photography, home theater and others. For more information about Datacolor and its products or services, visit