Spyder3Express (Mainframe Update)

Datacolor’s Spyder3Express – a review

Regular readers will know that when I’m not writing or consulting about mainframes, I do some work designing and coding Web sites. Now one of the most important things with a Web site is how the graphics look – and this is always different with different screens. So my problem is to find a way to ensure the colour of any photographs I use really are that colour and not another one because my screen is not showing the true colour.

This is where Datacolor’s Spyder3Express can help. Now, Datacolor produce Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Pro for professionals, but Spyder3Express is ideal for amateurs and enthusiasts (and it’s cheaper). The device measures the colours that your laptop screen produces and creates a profile. Once the profile is created, it is not necessary to re-profile for a couple of weeks – and that’s only because of the natural changes that occur in the quality of the colours produces by the screen.

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