Datacolor SpyderCube Mini Review (Photofocus)

Photofocus - April 8, 2009

Rarely is a simple accessory as misunderstood, misused and misapplied as the ubiquitous gray card. While almost every photographer I know has one, few know how to use it.

Once the digital era erupted we saw white balance cards and even black cards come onto the market, to help take advantage of the post-processing software’s ability to do color balance and exposure correction.

Frankly, every solution I’ve ever seen comes up short or isn’t applicable to every workflow. Until now that is.

Somebody at Datacolor is “wicked smart” as my old Granny used to say. They’ve come up with a small, portable, relatively inexpensive tool that does it right called the SpyderCube.

The Datacolor SpyderCube is a tool that you can (and should) use to calculate color balance and exposure calculations.

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