Spyder3Studio Versus ColorMunki (Chasseur d’Images)

By G.-M.Cogné and P.Miele

Chasseur d'Images - May 2008

Would you rather trust your color management to a monkey or a spider? If this seems a slightly odd question, it's because you haven't yet discovered the competitive solutions offered by Datacolor and X-Rite for calibrating screens and printers!

On my right, a handsome metal suitcase, containing and protecting a screen sensor called the Spyder3, and the spectrocolorimeter 1005 designed to measure printers: the Datacolor solution.

On my left, a cardboard box containing a CD and a black object that looks like a large tapemeasure: X-Rite's ColorMunki.

The two products cost pretty much the same (a little over €500) and have the same purpose: to calibrate screens and printers so that our graphic chain can at last fulfill a promise too often virtual up till now, namely "what you see is what you get".

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