I have recently adopted Spyder3Studio, and find it invaluable. I require complete control within my own workflow; and the one area where I did not have that control was profiling. With the Spyder3 products a fully color managed workflow has been achieved. Starting off with a calibrated monitor using Spyder3Elite, then using Spyder3Print to profile my papers and inksets, I can produce prints that totally satisfy.

I go directly to the expert mode, and appreciate the various inputs that allow the user to generate different profile mixes from the same target measurements. My prints now hold the subtle separations in the files and keep the shadow areas true, all being accurately represented when soft-proofing in Photoshop. Some of my abstract work is difficult to print, heavy on soft tonal transitions and areas of subtle hue shifts. They have rarely worked well with any profile I had previously tried. I use a variety of non OEM paper, and now profile them all using this little gem.

Carolyn Frayn