Before I began using Spyder3Pro, I was ready to stop using my digital SLR – and I was ready to give up on photo editing, as it had become a waste of time. It seemed there was such a digital mismatch between how I knew a photo should look, color-wise, and how it actually appeared in hard copy. Now with the ability to calibrate the color accuracy of my digital files, my photography is processed correctly. The colors I see on my monitor match the colors I see in my prints and enlargements.

Helpful hint: When using Spyder3Pro, it’s important to complete the monthly calibration to ensure consistently good color accuracy.

In summary, I consider Spyder3Pro a ‘must have’ tool for any photographer who wants his digital files and photos to pop with the same colors that he saw when he pressed the shutter on his camera.

Connie Wragge
Ministry Leader & President, PhotoMission
A Worldwide Community of Christian Photographers