I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the monitor Spyder and software. I own a digital photography studio and we use Fuji S1 and S2 pro cameras with Macintosh computers and 3 different Epson printers (Epson 10000, Photo 2000 and Stylus 1270). Our color workflow is perfect, everything matches from one monitor to the other and prints match from one printer to the other and customers are very impressed.

One of our competitors stopped by to get some drum scans done, and could not believe that our prints match our monitors so accurately! He asked how we do that. We told him that it took lots of color calibration, technicians and profile configuration, blah, blah, blah-blah, which made it sound very complicated when, in fact, all we did is use your products. He nodded as if he understood and left with a puzzled look on his face, full of envy and intrigue.

I’d say that since we purchased your products, we have increased our workflow by 100%, saving long hours of color correction, printing tests and guessing how the color would come out. We used to waste rolls and rolls of expensive Epson photo paper as well as ink, which is not cheap.

Thank you for making our lives easier and making work fun again!

Horatio Franco
Studio Four