Per our conversation at Macworld SF, I’m writing to you about what your calibration products have done for my business and workflow.You may recall that I told you that my partner and I were in frequent conflict over the way images I processed looked. He was complaining that the images I sent him had bad color and contrast on his system,when they looked fine on mine. This was compounded in that he uses NT and Linux, while I’m on a Mac. Also, I had inconsistent color when printing photos, both digital and scanned.

Both of these ongoing problems were solved when I read a review of your ColorVision calibration products in “Photoshop User” Magazine, and decided to go ahead with the ColorVision RGB Suite/Spyder USB

Mac, including both monitor and printer software. Your products have done everything claimed for them: I now get good, consistent color between my screen and printouts, plus the problem with my partner’s system seeing images differently no longer exists. We are on the same page now, and life is easier.

I found your software easy to use and intuitive. Your software walked me through the process painlessly, and the results are gratifying. I enjoyed watching the software put the monitor through the different color levels used to form the profile. Thanks to ColorSync and your products, I now have consistent, accurate system-wide color!

I learned something interesting using the printer RGB Profile software: I had been using third-party ink in my Epson 900, and, even after calibrating, I was not happy with the color. When I switched back to Epson inks, I was astonished at the differences in the printed-out calibration patterns-the third-party checkerboard was quite a bit greener in overall color cast! I now use Epson inks only.Thank you for an easy-to-use, affordable, accurate product that solves a real problem!

Andy Adler
Professional Photographer