On Doctor Pro
Been working with ColorVision’s Doctor Pro…it is a profile editor that lets you use *any* Photoshop color editing tool (and many other tools) from *within Photoshop* to edit profiles with a full real time preview of the edits… Man does this baby do stuff!

On Profiler/CMYK
But even better than RGB profiles, I’m also using the new Profiler CMYK profiler which has full CMYK profile controls including total ink limit, black ink limit, black ink curve, dot gain, and even (here’s a nice one) Undercolor Addition. Using undercolor addition you can put a much CMY ink under the black as your paper will hold and get a deep black color, even if your black ink isn’t all that intense… For the best of the old world and the new I don’t think it can be beat!!!…This is the greatest thing since pre-sliced bread!

Dan Culbertson
Merritt Island, Florida