“I’ve been printing conventional color B&W prints my entire career in photography spanning 25 years. But I’ve been in love with the ‘look’ of ink on paper prints since seeing Dye Transfer prints some 20 years ago, and more recently Iris “Giclee” fine art photographic prints.

Thank you Profiler RGB… “Now I can produce prints on my desktop that are very similar to both of these processes in terms of aesthetics and archival longevity, and with the help of color management I can control the process to a remarkable degree. “Profiler RGB builds very accurate printer profiles, and it’s fast and easy to use. With a hardware calibrated monitor and Profiler RGB, my first print is the ‘final’ 80 to 90% of the time!

“I particularly like the soft proof preview feature in Profiler RGB because it lets you see the effect a particular ink and paper combination will introduce before you make the first print, and what comes off the printer looks just like the preview on your screen! I consider this neat trick a minor miracle. “Thank you Profiler RGB!”

Dave King
Dave King Photography
New York, NY