ColorVision has once again raised the bar on achieving the ultimate goal of consistent color from start to finish with the introduction of the new PrintFIX profiling device. Designed to make the job of creating accurate ICC profiles for printers it simplifies the process and makes profiling available to the masses without the need for large capital investments in time and energy. In conjunction with the Spyder, this system will enable a complete color management system from beginning to end.

Our observations: The PrintFIX is fairly easy to use straight out of the box, though it is necessary to read the instructions well. All of the profiles created were very accurate and little adjustment was necessary. All in all we like the device and think it is the perfect solution for most of us who need good quick consistent color. It worked great with every printer/paper/ink combination that we tried. We’ve been using the Spyder in house to profile our monitors for quite some time and the pair of accessories has made our color management life a success!

Gregory Schern
President, Inkjetgoodies