It is tough to please everyone when sharing results from scientific testing of any kind. For years, I was a black and white film sesitometrist – studying and testing photographic materials. My experience there tells me that sometimes results are what we want to see, not what they actually are. I believe in a measured approach to testing materials- play part scientific and part empirical. That is to say, after following the scientific methods, play with the stuff in real world environments Using this approach, we dove into color management, first testing Colorblind, and then Kodak color flow, then ColorVision Profiler RGB. Since our goal was producing pleasing photographic images – we did the science, and then we just played for a while. Our results? We like like Profiler RGB. The interface was easy and intuitive, the resulting profiles were ‘tweak able’ – the process a snap.

Since we have been testing, we have been able to almost instantly generate profiles with Profiler RGB, and print on exotic papers with several inks. It works with us, and we like it.

Hugh Milstein
CEO Digital Fusion LLC