I’m fairly confident that the results from Profiler Pro with hardware measurement will not need any significant adjustment in these areas. In fact so far as the highlights are concerned you’ll be gobsmacked at how well these are handled. Shadows are the best I’ve seen from ANY profiling package I’ve tried, no burnt toast to be seen anywhere :-). I haven’t required a tonal adjustment either at creation or later with ANY profile. Other areas of note (my observations others may see different). Blues are handles exceptionally well as are reds (no plastic or fluorescence appearance as far as I can see). Skin tones are handled VERY well as is greyscale.

I’m not sure who asked about me doing a review, but it’s doubtful since so many good things have already been written. However, I think there may be some mileage in doing something which combines Profiler Pro and the ColorMouse in use :-) But all that must wait until the product is released.

BTW: I can’t recall if I posted anything before, but there is a review and expo of Color Visions Spyder, Photocal and Optical on my site.

Ian Lyons
Digital Darkroom