Definitely a “thumbs UP” on a quality profiling program, that appears to give high end results, at a minimal investment, just using a flat bed scanner. (I used a Agfa Duoscan T2500, not your basic cheapo) And it couldn’t be any simpler to use!

The more I have experimented, the more impressed I am with ColorVision’s profiling software… A truly no-brainer on the Mac side. Last night I ran a profile on Oce’ photogloss paper in my Epson 9000. I ran a print and compared it to the one I did with my Epson 900 on Ilford Photogloss 9 ml. I was stunned at how close the images looked. And it was a difficult image of an acrylic painting, with neutrals, pastels and bright reds, greens and multi-hued blues. There was a very slight difference, but VERY close!

This morning I ran a B&W grayscale along with a step wedge. ColorVision did a beautiful job. (no adjustments) It carried a nice crispness (internal contrast) and richness in 6-color, with barely noticable color variance in a couple of the grayscale steps.

John Nollendorfs
JN Photography
Lincoln, Nebraska