Sounds like EZ Color – Well it’s not! ColorVision’s Profiler RGB sounds initially like Monaco’s EZ Color. But there is little similarity between the products other than that they both use a scanner to produce ICC / ICM profiles.

Monaco’s EZ Color has been known to produce flat profiles without shadow detail and highlights that compound the paper density. ColorVision’s profiles are extremely saturated, have good shadow detail, and do not compound off-white paper color into density. I would characterize ColorVision’s Profiler RGB as the absolute best in a sub-$1,500 product.
ColorVision is an Adobe Photoshop plug in. Unlike EZ Color, which is a separate software application, ColorVision runs from inside Photoshop.
ColorVision has editing tools that can be used to edit ICC profiles for brightness, contrast, saturation and tone control. So even if your scanner is off the mark, you potentially have the tools to correct the profiles to your satisfaction.
Only ColorVision has an RGB printer preview so that you can work in Photoshop and preview your images, as they will print.
Unlike EZ Color, which calibrates your scanner and automates the scanning of the test target, ColorVision gives you complete freedom of how you scan the test target.
The algorithm that is used by ColorVision to produce profiles works extremely well. The remarkable thing that we witnessed is that the RGBCMY color families within the profiles were very saturated, yet images printed through ColorVision profiles appear natural, and neutral. The color is denser and brighter than any other sub-$1,500 profile making software.”

Jon Cone
Cone Editions Press
East Topsham, VT