In short, I think it’s a great program and certainly worth the money. I’m using ColorVision’s Profiler and Doctor software. Consistent saturation is what I’m getting as well with ColorVision.. This program prints out a nice color target, no having to tape an IT8 chart onto paper and worry about fingerprints all over the target and tape everywhere. Just scan in the printed target and in a couple of clicks you are done.”

…You can recreate the profile with Profiler and use the slider switches to correct for color tints, lightness, contrast or saturation. Or if you have Doctor you can save a step and just correct your previously made profile using the same methods….

ColorVision is a great way to make printer profiles. It’s easy and there are lots of choices in terms of how little or how much you want to spend on it…

Mark Hochman
Mark Hochman Photographics
Amherst, NH