Hi all

just wanted to share a handy bit of information to those of you who would be interested. Thanks to the advice of the very knowledgeable Johnny Maclean, I just purchased a ColorVision Spyder with Optical software from nancyscans.com and I can tell you that although it set me back somewhere in the vicinity of $400.00, I’m inclined to think that it’s the best $400, I’ve spent in quite a while.

I had my monitor calibrated to a pretty high standard, (or so I thought). Turns out that it was in the range of 20 too bright. This is really important when your outputting C.D’s for publication purposes, like I do. I called up Nancy Scans today and the guy (Mat) had my monitor so tweaked in less than 1/2 an hour. NOW, I have total faith that what I see on my monitor is truly what I’m supplying my clients with. In my book, that’s $400.00 very well spent, or should I say “invested” in my business. Something worth thinking about, now that we are all moving into the digital age with such pace.


Sean Davey
Professional Photographer