I have recently started using the Lyson SG ink with an Epson 1160 using mainly the Lyson Fine Art paper. The abilty to adjust the tone using adjustment layers is not only useful but essential given the tendency of the the image to change tone according to the ambient lighting conditions. The profiles supplied by Lyson give the ability to ‘soft proof’ this effect.

However I was disappointed with the lack of deep blacks on any of the papers I have tried with the SG inks using the supplied profiles. This was confirmed by printing out greyscale – the Professional Satin profile showing a big dip between 90-100%.

Creating a profile with Profiler RGB resolved the problem – the initial profile showed a green cast which was eliminated with the appropriate slider. The result was a neutral print with excellent tonal range including a deep rich black. I have tried this method with Lyson Prof Satin, Fine art and Epson HWM. I have needed exactly the same magenta adjustment (+6M)for each paper so far. The image on screen (Colorcal calibrated) matches the output to my satisfaction.

I am not sure if Profiler RGB was designed to work with small gamut inksets but my experiments so far are giving me very consistent results.

Steven Chambers