As a fine art photographer, it’s extremely critical that the adjustments I make on screen, appear properly in the print.

I’ve been through several technical books on color matching; studied how to create profiles and gone thru hundreds of dollars worth of paper and ink trying to find or create a profile that that met my criteria.

I was literally floored when, on the first pass thru, your software delivered a profile that was over 90% accurate. With some modest tweaking, I was able to create a profile that was as good as the ones I’d spent so much time and money creating “by hand.”

While there is no “perfect” one-pass system (as far as I know) for less than about $10,000, I’d have saved hour upon hour if I’d started with PrintFIX. Along with Optical, and the Spyder, you’ve got a winning combination.

I’m one happy camper.

Tracy Valleau
Multimedia Artist