I’m sitting at my studio computer absolutely in shock after calibrating my modest HP Office jet that I use for proofing. After calibrating, the print actually matched the monitor. This is a dream come true. After 6 years of attempting to correct every image with a printer curves compensation layer in Photoshop, I just printed the image with the printer profile developed by the Profiler RGB product and voila, the print matched the screen! You just can’t imagine what a relief it is to see a beautiful proof instead of a muddy mess.

I also used the PhotoCal software and spyder to calibrate the dual monitors (different brands) that I run off the same computer for Photoshop imaging. Every time they start up, I still stare at the desktop image that comes up on both of them. Miraculously it looks the same on both monitors. All this is hard to believe.

Thanks for making all these solutions available to us that were previously far beyond the reach of the small studio!

William Lies
Lies Photography