SmartMatch for Smarter Business


As a color lab scientist, you spend your entire day performing product tests, color matching, and palette analysis. Many of these tasks are done manually, taking up valuable time and resources. Often the formulations are not within tolerance, resulting in multiple corrections.


There is a solution to this, it’s called SmartMatch – a intelligence feature in Match Pigment software that learns and adapts as more formulas are approved with the end goal of improving your first shot match rates that can reduce or even eliminate the need for corrections, saving you time and money.


What is SmartMatch?


SmartMatch is a proprietary feature designed by the Datacolor scientists and engineers that captures the behavior of pigments and product in actual formulations to account for difference between theory and practice.


Ok that’s a very scientific description, what does it mean in plain English? Let me explain.


Traditional formulation software does basic search and correct, meaning it finds the closest color formula in the database and does a correction based on the way the combination of colorants behave in that formula before presenting the initial weigh up for that formula to the user. Although this improves the chances for getting a good color match, it is limited to only that closest formulations combination.


With SmartMatch, an array of formulas with the correct combination is considered therefore increasing the accuracy of the initial prediction.  This results in a much more accurate formula.


Why is SmartMatch important?


Paint manufactures provide verified electronic formulas for each palette color and each product to their retail paint stores.  Since the formulas can be different for different glosses and products the resulting amount of formulas needing wet matched can be in the tens of thousands. This translates to hundreds of hours wet matching palette formulas. With SmartMatch software, only a percentage of these formulas need to be matched in order to assure first shot matching on the total palette thereby greatly reducing the effort needed to provide verified formulas.


Here is some real-life savings experienced by one of our customers:


No SmartMatch With SmartMatch
Color matched per week 1000 1500
# of lab resources required 16 6
Working hours per resource 60 (20 hours at overtime) 40


In addition to savings in resources and the ability to measure and match more colors per week, you can also introduce new products to market faster since the time to provide tint formulations is greatly reduced


If reducing physical wet matching for palette formula distribution and saving time and money sounds good to you, contact Datacolor to see how SmartMatch can be the smart choice your business needs.