Designed for color professionals in paint, pigment and plastic industries, Match Pigment is a color formulation software that helps you most efficiently and confidently achieve the desired color while saving time and money. The unique SmartMatch technology reduces the need for physical matches and improves first-shot match rates by up to 80%*.

* based upon laboratory testing with repeatable procedures resulting in dE < 1.0 for typical paint and coatings

Designed for:
Paints, pigments, plastics, leather, inks, and cosmetics industries.


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Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity


  • Shorten formulation time with up to 50% increase in matching speed
  • Increase productivity with automatic transfer of multiple formulas to the dispenser queue
  • Speed decision making of optimal formulas based on clear summaries of customer specific criteria (contrast ratio, film thickness, etc.)

Improve Match Quality

Improve Match Quality


  • Support greater custom/individual needs with flexible matching criteria options
  • Improve product quality by assuring colorant compatibility for customer use cases
  • Visually asses the ability to achieve a color using a specific set of colorants with gamut mapping view
Ease of use

Ease of use


  • Streamline daily operations with enhanced user interface
  • Enable transfer of critical knowledge with the ability to add notes attached to formulas

Datacolor Match Pigment, three Features Levels:


  • Datacolor Match Pigment PLUS
    Our “premiere” full-featured enterprise software, with superior matching and SmartMatch technology.
  • Datacolor Match Pigment
    A powerful basic system including Datacolor TOOLS entry level.
  • Datacolor Match Pigment PLUS Workstation
    Economical alternatives for shared database, terminal server or multiple system deployments, workstations provide all the color matching and formula management power of their parent products without the expense of colorant calibration and administrative modules..
Component Minimum (Stand Alone) Minimum (Terminal Server)
Processor 2 GHz Dual Core2 GHz or faster (1 core per concurrent user)
Memory 4 GB 4 GB1
Free Hard Drive 500 GB 500 GB (RAID5)
Video Resolution 1024 x 768 True Color 1024 x 768 True Color
Video Memory 512 MB 512 MB
DVD Drive DVD Reader/Writer2 DVD Reader/Writer
Available Ports RS-232 Serial / USB3 Parallel or USB
Printer Port Parallel or USB Parallel or USB Parallel or USB Parallel or USB
Operating System 32 Bit Windows® 7 / Windows® 8.x Windows® Server 2008
Operating System 64 Bit Windows® 7 / Windows® 8.x Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® Server 2012
Network Adapter N/A Gigabit or faster


1) To optimize performance, a separate database server (Sybase) is recommended. However, if Sybase needs to be deployed locally on the application server, increase RAM by 2GB. Additionally, add 512 MB RAM for each concurrent user.

2) Datacolor MATCH PIGMENT™ is supplied on a DVD disk. A DVD writer for data backup and file transfer from stand-alone systems is recommended.

3) Datacolor spectrophotometers use either an RS-232 Serial or USB connectors. Datacolor Spyder™ requires a universal serial bus (USB) connection.

Features Comparison
Datacolor Match
Pigment Plus
Datacolor Match
Pigment Plus Workstation
Datacolor Match
Match Color and Opacity Simultaneously
Intuitive Data Navigation with User Management
Optimize, Score and Sort Recipes
Colorant Set Calibration and Administration
Smart Calibration
SmartMatch Technology
LabCH Offset Match
Ingredient Priority and Compatibility
Queue Function
Product Line Maintenance
Auto Base Selection
Data Exchange with Retail PAINT
Network Color Management*
Global Industry-specific Application Support
Integrated Quality Control

* Network Color Management enabled via Terminal-Server installations of Datacolor Match Pigment Plus and Datacolor Match Pigment Plus Workstation versions over local or wide area networks.