OSX Lion Support for Spyder products

As a loyal Datacolor customer, your continued satisfaction in the use of our Spyder products is our primary focus in customer support. With the ever-changing operating systems and compatibility issues that arise from system upgrades, we are committed to provide our customers with the necessary support required to continue using our proven color management tools. So if you have a Spyder product and want to upgrade to the new Mac® OS X Lion (v 10.7) operating system, download the latest version of the Spyder3 software below.

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For Spyder3 devices:

Here is the latest version for Spyder3 products which you can install as usual:

Updated installers: Spyder3EliteSpyder3ProSpyder3Express

For Spyder2 devices:

As we promised earlier you can now download the software from Spyder3Express to use your Spyder2 sensor with your Lion OS X. Please click the below link to download the appropriate software. Spyder3Express supports a single monitor calibration with target of Gamma 2.2 and 6.500 K white point.

Please understand that your Spyder2 sensor is not compatible with Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Elite software because if it's missing ambient light sensor. Please also note that Spyder2 sensors are physically not able to read LED backlight color because of its different spectrum of light. If you need to calibrate a monitor display with LED backlight technology please upgrade to the current 3rd generation of Spyder products.

Updated installer: Spyder3Express

For original Spyder devices:

As an owner of the original Spyder design, we thank you for your loyalty and confidence in using our first product design for your color management needs. While this first generation of Spyder products has provided years of reliable service, the physical limitations of the design do not make it upgradeable to work with the Mac OS X Lion software.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support center for help.