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Rangefinder awards the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 their Editor’s Choice Award

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Affordable and portable, the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 is a great color-accuracy solution for stills and video, especially when you’re on location.


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Portable spectrophotometer tailored to meet the needs of central banks, security ink producers, and banknote printers


Lawrenceville, NJ, July, 8th, 2014 – Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions,  today announced the availability of  the Datacolor 45IR, a portable spectrophotometer uniquely designed to meet the distinct quality control and ink formulation requirements of the security printing industry. Datacolor 45IR will help prevent counterfeiting of banknotes and confidential government or company documents, guaranteeing quality control for all market players such as central banks, banknote printers and security ink producers.


The only high-precision portable instrument with a 3-in-1 solution, Datacolor 45IR uses industry standard 0/45 geometry for colorimetric and near infrared ranges as well as densitometric functions to provide unparalleled formulation, quality control, and authentication. Datacolor 45IR’s improved Inter Instrument Agreement enables digital color communication which increases the speed, efficiency and precision throughout the secure printing process.


In addition the Datacolor 45IR features significant enhancements to improve performance, including an intuitive interface and complete onboard software for stand-alone measurement with a high resolution color screen, and a lightweight ergonomic design to improve the overall ease of use. Responding to direct customer feedback, Datacolor designed the 45IR so units can be serviced at the customer site. Through this improved technology, the 45IR removes the need for sending units back to the manufacturer, therefore streamlining the color approval process.


“Quality requirements in the security ink market have risen significantly,” said Walter Franz, Global Business Development, Datacolor. “With its state of the art technology, Datacolor 45IR allows the security ink supply chain to fulfill these specific requirements and to communicate color data more efficiently.”


For more information about the new Datacolor 45IR portable spectrophotometer, visit Datacolor 45IR

By Leah Pickett
Quality Magazine


In quality assurance, color measurement and spectrophotometry are essential in determining a product’s color consistency and accuracy, whether that measurement be in the industrial, textile and automotive industries or in the wide ranging variants of food production, pharmaceuticals, plastics and chemical manufacturing.


The process for quantifying color is complex but also objective and quantifiable, contributing to a future in which precision will be continually perfected, digital workflow will be seamlessly integrated and safe, reliable products will remain priority number one.

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Color formulation software raises the bar on performance and productivity

Lawrenceville, NJ – June 3, 2014Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the launch of Datacolor Match® Pigment 3.0, a version upgrade of its smart color formulation software for color professionals in the paint, pigment and plastic industries. The software will now provide customers better performance and productivity while further enhancing accurate color matching that Datacolor is known for.


To ensure superior and reliable formulation, Match Pigment 3.0 features an enhanced ‘Smart Calibrator’ that auto-selects the best optical model while the new algorithms automatically detect and exclude poor data from calculation. In addition, the intuitive layout with more efficient data management improves the overall user experience and lowers the learning curve for color formulation.


With an enhanced matching engine and multi-processor capabilities, Match Pigment 3.0 raises the bar on productivity by cutting down matching time by up to 60%, which is especially significant for color laboratories that need to match thousands of colors per week.


The upgrade also includes a new offset matching feature that optimizes color appearance to enable matching of samples with various gloss and texture for applications in paint, plastic, leather and more.


“Since upgrading to Match Pigment 3.0, our color development time has reduced by almost 50%,” said Mr. Soukrat, Technical Manager at Langro-Chemie Theo Lang GmbH – a leading supplier of leather finishing products and an early adopter of the software. “Match Pigment is an indispensable tool for our supply chain as it streamlines the finishing process, allowing us to easily adjust and control the top coat color while adding specific matting agents.”

For more information, please visit Datacolor Match Pigment

Datacolor AG today announced the acquisition of Media Logic SNC, a leading software provider for the Italian and European retail paint market including its distribution company. The privately held company is headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy and provides customized software solutions focused on the industrial paint market. All 7 Media Logic employees, as well as the founder Corrado Iotti, are joining the Datacolor team.


Media Logic’s software Ymity manages the entire process of color communication for tinting systems, from measuring to mixing color at points of sale in the retail market and at laboratories. The unique and user-friendly software offers efficient management of multiple dispensers and seamless data exchange between the paint manufacturer and paint dealers, assuring the right paint color.


In addition, Media Logic provides PaintLook® Touch, an innovative smartphone and tablet application that enables users to simulate color choices for their home in 3 D. PaintLook® Touch is an easy to use solution to instantly view, experiment and choose color using your own images.


The acquisition is a good fit with Datacolor’s strategic focus to strengthen its presence in the paint market. After successfully integrating the Media Logic software solutions, Datacolor’s customers will benefit from increased process efficiency using just one innovative color tool to manage all tinting systems.


“We are excited to welcome the Media Logic team to Datacolor. The acquisition will expand Datacolor’s product range for our retail paint customers and strengthens our position in the Italian market. Over the years, Media Logic has developed a strong reputation, delivering easy-to-use and customized software solutions to a wide range of Italian and European paint brands,” said Albert Busch, CEO and President of Datacolor.


Corrado Iotti, founder of Media Logic, continues: “We are very proud to become part of Datacolor. It is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth for all of us at Media Logic. Being part of this global leader in color management will enable us to work as a highly effective team, providing our customers fully integrated paint management solutions with the goal to further strengthen our Italian leadership and to expand in the international market. All this is really exciting for us.”