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Datacolor Announces Improved Color Matching with MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.2 Webinar

Improve first-shot matches of translucent plastic samples with high-quality color matching and calibration algorithms


Lawrenceville, NJ – November 3, 2015 – Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced its “Improved Color Matching of Translucent Plastic Samples Webinar” designed for color professionals in the plastics industry. The webinar provides an opportunity to learn firsthand how MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.2 can save color professionals time and money when working with translucent plastic samples.


Hosted by Rik Mertens, Applications Manager, two sessions of the webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 10 at 15:00 CET for Europe and 12:00 p.m. EST for North and South America. Through a live interactive session, Mr. Mertens, a 30 year veteran of the color measurement industry, will discuss how to implement better matching methods into a customer’s color process, how to best interpret matching results, and how improved first-shot color matching with MATCH PIGMENT V. 3.2 saves both time and money. There will be a question and answer session following each webinar.


“Color matching translucent plastic samples can be challenging for any professional, and without proper calibration there is no guarantee that your color matching system will deliver accurate results,” said instructor Mertens. “Understanding the power of color management tools, such as the matching algorithms of MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.2, can bring unparalleled accuracy to even the most challenging project. Any plastic producer who is involved in color formulation and interpretation will benefit from attending this webinar.”


By William Sawalich


I’m a big believer in the importance of color management when it comes to making great digital images. Many years ago when I first upgraded to a basic color profiling system… well, the improvement in my work was significant. I knew, once and for all, that what I saw on my screen was what actually existed in the digital image files I was capturing. There’s no better feeling than “what you see is what you get” security. To that end, allow me to bring your attention to a new product designed to help perfect your color management throughout the entire process, from capture through editing to print. It’s Datacolor’s Spyder5STUDIO, a suite of hardware and software that profiles monitors and printers, and helps you capture accurate files in camera, to ensure precise and perfect color at every step.

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Kishore Sawh


There’s a huge problem in photography that’s bigger and more prevalent than most would imagine, and really that makes for a truly insidious problem simply because most people don’t even know they have one. I’m also willing to bet my next bottle of Laphroiag that most of you have this problem – not all, but most. So what is it? Color calibration. Yes, fine, it’s not exactly sexy, and I would deliberately spill my drink on you at a party if you began to speak about it, but it’s oh-so-necessary.


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By: JP Danko


The Datacolor Spyder is a line of monitor calibration tools used to make sure that the colors you see on an electronic display are as close as possible to their true color.


The Spyder has a built in colorimeter that accurately measures the color, brightness, white point and tone response of your display during calibration. The calibration software then takes the responses it receives from the sensor to create a display “profile” that automatically corrects for any variations from the desired output. This “profile” is loaded every time you start your computer so you are always looking at a color corrected screen.


The Spyder5 is the next generation of Datacolor’s flagship monitor calibration device. Three models of the Spyder5 have been released: Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO, and Spyder5ELITE.



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Fully backward compatible benchtop family continues Datacolor’s tradition of delivering uncompromising performance

Lawrenceville, NJ – October 6th, 2015 – Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology, Datacolor 800today introduced its Datacolor 800 and 500 series of spectrophotometers. The family of fully backward compatible benchtops, complete with its new embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence, while delivering on Datacolor’s hallmark performance and precision.
The series includes Datacolor 850, Datacolor 800, Datacolor 550, and Datacolor 500.


  • Datacolor 800 Family: The Datacolor 800 family is the next generation of the market’s only true close-tolerance spectrophotometer that ensures color can be communicated digitally. Featuring a digital camera, the spectrophotometer allows for perfect sample placement. The series is fully backward compatible with the existing fleet of Datacolor 600 spectrophotometers. The Datacolor 800 is available immediately. The Datacolor 850, which includes transmission measurement capability in addition to reflectance, will be available in January 2016.
  • Datacolor 500 Family: The Datacolor 500 family offers an economical option for a high performance spectrophotometer with enhanced speed and advanced technology, while assuring compatibility with the existing fleet of Datacolor 400 instruments. The Datacolor 500 is available immediately. The Datacolor 550, a new addition to Datacolor’s line-up, is a cost-effective transmission and reflectance instrument and will be available in January 2016.


Datacolor 500Both the 800 and 500 families feature a new color LCD screen that displays calibration status and instrument settings to allow for greater confidence in measurement results. With an embedded processor, the health of the instruments can now easily be validated through remote diagnostics, allowing for faster issue resolution. Instrument accessibility has also been expanded with the introduction of an Ethernet port, allowing for simultaneous connection of multiple computers. Performance enhancements have been implemented as well to enable real-time sample measurement within a global Citrix or Terminal Server environment.

“The introduction of the 800 and 500 families carries on Datacolor’s tradition of providing our customers with technology enhancements that are most important to them,” said Diane Geisler, Global Director of Product Management, Datacolor. “With a clear understanding that accuracy and backward compatibility are required, we focused on improving the usability of our benchtop instrument creating quantifiable improvements in throughput and increased confidence in measurement accuracy.”

Datacolor will be showcasing the 800 and 500 families at a variety of upcoming industry events including the Society of Plastics Engineers Color and Appearance Division RETEC® in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 4-6, Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany from October 13-17, ITMA in Milan, Italy from November 12-19, and ChinaCoat in Shanghai, China from November
18-20. To learn more about the Datacolor 800 and 500 family of spectrophotometers, or for information on how to upgrade, visit Datacolor 800 or Datacolor 500.


Jonathan Kwan


Here at APH Networks, we love to tell stories in the introduction of our reviews. I am not entirely sure how this started, but this tradition became one of our unique aspects after being in the industry for the last ten years. There are usually quite a number of sources for our inspiration; ranging from elements intrinsic to the product itself, to snippets of life with people around us. In my Datacolor Spyder4PRO review last year, I told of a story of a person who tried to challenge me and my friend in foosball, only to be utterly humiliated in the next few minutes. So what better way is there to lead into the Spyder5PRO review with yet another foosball story? Over the weekend, I was playing against a few of my friends, except this time, it was on a table that was clearly slanted and sounded like it was going to fall apart on every shot. For the first few minutes, playing on a literally uneven field against opponents that were not traditionally challenging proved to be more challenging than I first thought. A lot of foosball has to do with timing, and with an uneven table, classical physics will tell us the way the ball moves will be affected. As such, none of my tricks executed correctly, because everything was slightly off by fractions of a second. It was not until a few minutes later that I finally calibrated my brain to the new physics of the table before I was able to finally win the game. As you can see here, even though I may have the skills, if my coordination was not properly calibrated, my performance suffered. In the same way, there are many great displays on the market. But if they were not properly calibrated, what good will all the hardware do? Today, we will take a look at the latest colorimeter from Datacolor, the Spyder5PRO. Building upon the success of popular Spyder4PRO, will it be able to fix LCDs that are wildly off color, and turn what is already great into perfection? We took one in, and tested it across a spectrum of products to find out.


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Lawrenceville, NJ – September 10, 2015 – Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the release of Spyder5STUDIO, the next generation of its popular color calibration solution suite designed to color manage digital photo workflows. Spyder5STUDIO features a collection of tools that ensure photos are captured accurately, monitors display true-to-life colors, and prints are matched precisely.


Datacolor Spyder5 StudioNew suite of color management tools that ensures control of color workflow from capture, to edit, to print

Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO is designed for photographers who demand the highest level of control and accuracy. It includes the new Spyder5ELITE colorimeter, the color calibration solution that adjusts monitors to an industry color reference standard so colors are accurate and shadow and highlight details are preserved, ensuring on-screen images match photo prints. An important tool for all photographers, Spyder5ELITE assures true screen color, reducing editing time and providing better print matching so less ink and paper are wasted.


In addition to its display calibration solution, Spyder5STUDIO includes camera and print solutions: The SpyderCUBE, is a portable device for photographers to set white balance, exposure, black level and highlight references based on lighting conditions when shooting images. SpyderPRINT is a full-featured spectrocolorimeter used to create custom RGB printer profiles, for all of your ink and paper combinations, to provide the most accurate screen-to-print matching. Combined, these tools enable photographers to capture consistent color from scene to camera and monitor-to-monitor, as well as quality printing results, enhancing the entire photo workflow.


“As a leader and longtime developer of color management products, we have seen firsthand the importance of color managing the workflow from start to finish,” said Heath Barber, Imaging Market Manager, Datacolor. “We have designed Spyder5STUDIO for professional and serious photographers seeking ultimate control of their entire workflow from capture, to edit, to print.”


The new Spyder5STUDIO is now available for $499.99 USD (offering a bundled savings of $180!) at photography and consumer electronics retailers nationwide or online here.

Minuteman Press
Published July 3, 2015
Jonathan Kwan
The need for screen calibration


A screen calibrator is an essential piece of kit for any regular screen user, when Minuteman Press Bristol commenced screen calibration the improvement was incredible; red, green, blue (RGB) on screen colours became closer to cyan, magenta, yellow, black (CMYK) print output, instances of physical headaches declined and eye strain reduced. Screen calibration is the digital tool that users remain blissfully unaware of; the performance of the screen judged by its factory defaults, users adjusting settings without scientific regard for the effect of ambient light.


Historical calibration


At Minuteman Press Bristol we have used our trusty Datacolor Spyder3Pro to calibrate screens in conjunction with Xerox and Konica Minolta printer calibrators for quite a few years but there came a time when technology had genuinely progressed by a credible degree that embracing the very latest technology was worthwhile.


Datacolor Spyder5 Pro


After extensive due diligence research of reports available and based on our historical positive experiences with Datacolor we determined to remain loyal and purchase the Datacolor Spyder5 Pro Colorimeter. We paid a reasonable £125 including VAT, which is in the region of the price we paid for the Spyder3 Pro many moons ago.


One calibration device can be used on multiple screens; it is not required to purchase an appliance per screen. The unit price relative to multiple screens will necessarily be a pleasant surprise to the prospective purchaser.

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Professional Photographer
By Stan Sholik

Color management is essential throughout the workflow for both still and video production. The process begins with a color-managed monitor; although these days it’s likely to be multiple monitors and separate workstations for still and video work, with all studio monitors color managed to the same standard.


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Outdoor Photographer


To ensure the colors in your print are the same as what you viewed on your monitor while processing your digital image, it’s important to calibrate your monitor. Datacolor has released the redesigned portable Spyder5 calibration system with a 7-detector optical engine for increased tonal response, accurate shadow detail and smooth gradients.



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Popular Photography

Photographers who don’t print may never think about the accuracy of their computer screens. But anyone who wants to ensure their photos look the way they should in print or on other devices must calibrate their monitor.


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Outdoor Photographer


To ensure the colors in your print are the same as what you viewed on your monitor while processing your digital image, it’s important to calibrate your monitor. Datacolor has released the redesigned portable Spyder5 calibration system with a 7-detector optical engine for increased tonal response, accurate shadow detail and smooth gradients.


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Datacolor’s Spyder colorimeters have established a reputation as leaders in their field and there are few competitors that can claim to match them in reliability and accessibility. They are also regularly improved with updates and offered in models that suit different requirements, levels of expertise and pocketbooks.


The Spyder5 colorimeter is as effective and easy to use are its predecessor but better designed and packaged to protect the sensors and filters. Beginners will find the Express version easy to use and it will probably meet most of their needs.


Stepping up to the Pro version adds some handy functions (like room light measurement and the ability to use your own images for profile comparisons). Whether it justifies the price hike is something each individual must decide.


Like its predecessor, the Spyder5 Elite will meet the needs of the most demanding photographers who really need the wider range of profile targets for movie editing using the latest display equipment.


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Color management company Datacolor has just announced Spyder5, a new line of devices for making sure the color seen on your monitors is accurate to ensure that your photos look the same across screens and match your prints.

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Photoshop User

By Steve Baczewski

If you’ve resisted profiling and calibrating your display, this might be a good time to get your feet wet. Datacolor offers three levels of their new Spyder5 colorimeters with the Spyder5ELITE being their high-end model. The Elite will make your display sit up and pay attention by combining simplicity of use with both comprehensive basic features and very useful advanced diagnostic tools.


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Boost productivity with better first-shot matches using Smart Calibrator


Lawrenceville, NJ – June 3, 2015 –– Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced its “Smart Calibration with MATCH PIGMENT® v. 3.1 Webinar” designed for color professionals in the paint and coatings industry. The webinar provides an opportunity to learn firsthand how to improve first-shot color matching using efficient techniques for colorant set calibration.


Hosted by Rik Mertens, Applications Manager, the webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Through a live interactive session, attendees will learn how to guarantee the most accurate color matches using the enhanced Smart Calibrator feature in Datacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.1. With 30 years of experience in the color management industry, Mr. Mertens will discuss how to best implement MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.1 into customer’s color process and how accurate color matching saves both time and money.


“There are multiple methods for calibrating pigments, colorants and bases using today’s color matching systems, but knowing which approach is the best can be difficult for even the most skilled color professional,” said instructor Mertens. “Understanding the power of color management tools, such as Smart Calibrator in MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.0, can bring unmatched accuracy to even the most challenging project. Any paint professional who is involved in color formulation or process standardization will benefit from attending this webinar.”

Los Angeles Times
By Robert Lachman

It’s probably no surprise that there are so many great photography gift ideas for Father’s Day. The technology keeps improving so dramatically each year, making most of your gear obsolete, so there continues to be plenty of great options for the special dad in your life.


Here are my ideas for gifts this year


The Spyder5 Elite is an excellent tool for graphics and video professionals working in studio environments demanding accurate color, contrast and saturation from their work. Compact enough for easy portability when traveling, the Spyder5 Elite not only lets you calibrate, check for calibration and quickly recalibrate, but it also provides tools to help you understand your display and its strengths and weaknesses.

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PMA Newsline

Datacolor says it’s redesigned the patented 7-detector optical engine on its Spyder colorimeter “to deliver up to a 55 percent improvement in tonal response, resulting in more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.”


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Datacolor’s SpyderCheckr 24 is a cut-down version of its original SpyderCheckr professional colour reference tool.


Consisting of a double-sided reference card with 24 colour patches on one side and six greyscale tones (from white to black) plus a larger mid-grey patch on the other side, it is less than half the price of the original SpyderCheckr but almost as useful. Affordable and portable, it provides an easy way to calibrate colours for both still and movie workflows.


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