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What do object properties, a specific light source or even differences in human eyesight have to do with color? How do you communicate objectively about a color? What about L*, a* and b* values, and what is Delta E? And what tools can you use to evaluate color tolerances? This Datacolor color theory webinar series helps you find the answers to these (and many more!) questions.


Interested in acquiring digital color management knowledge? Let us take you on a tour along digital color management. With topics like how to properly use and maintain your spectrophotometer for the highest sample measurement accuracy, setting up a successful color evaluation process, sample measurement do’s and don’ts and many more.


Watch the series of Did-You-Know short webinars (~15 minutes each) designed to help you get the most out of your Datacolor Match Pigment software. Whether you are a seasoned Datacolor Match Pigment user or a newbie (or maybe just curious about the capabilities of the software), you can always benefit from insider tips from the people who designed the tool.


Watch the webinar recording where Datacolor’s Todd Lee shares how to ramp-up the productivity and efficiency throughout the entire color lifecycle. By gaining visibility into suppliers’ processes, choosing the right mills for the right job and shifting decision making to the manufacturer, companies can benefit from cost and time reduction spent on color development.



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