Nick Slavik, proprietor of the Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co., is often called upon for historical color matching. And like any successful business person, Nick knows that time is money. That’s why the time he saves using the Datacolor ColorReader is so valuable to him.


“Remember the days of cutting out a piece of wall, driving it to the paint store, waiting for it to get matched, getting the paint tinted then driving back to the job site? I do,” said Nick Slavik.


“Here’s a better way: match the wall color with your ColorReader, share it from your app to the paint store. You work while the paint gets delivered. No lost time. My ColorReader paid for itself the second time I used it.”


Along with the convenience of using a pocket-sized color-matching tool with pinpoint accuracy when you’re atop a ladder on a historic home, Nick is a fan of the ability to create color palettes with his ColorReader.


“I recently walked an entire townhome complex reading colors on each building,” Slavik continued. “I saved them to my library and could share it with property management. The paint store loves it too. My orders are easy to decipher and orderly when using the ColorReader. This tool is the epitome of convenience and a great way to showcase your business’s professionalism.”


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