A Buyer’s Guide to Better Paint Color Matching

Have you been considering purchasing a color matching system for your paint department, but their intricacies left you unsure where to start, or whether it was worth it?


We’re here to help.


The Meat and Potatoes


At its most basic, a paint color matching system is a computerized tool that allows you to search formulas, match competitors’ colors in your own paint and products, and most importantly custom matching any sample.


And when we say “any sample,” we mean it. Paint chips? Absolutely. Shirts? No problem! Curtains? Of course! Heck, someone could bring in their favorite four-legged friend, and a color matching system could match their fur. So whether it’s rustic home renovation, or a deluxe doghouse design, your customer can get the color they crave not only the first time, but every time.


The Motivation


So how exactly do paint color matching systems aid your department? Here’s a few of our top reasons:


In the digital age it is important to keep your business up-to-date with the current relevant technologies. Nowadays, most paint departments have taken the initiative and implemented a color matching system. Having one in your arsenal allows you to stay competitive.


Not only does the system allow you to stay with the times, it also allows you to save time. The precision of the device reduces time spent on corrections that inevitably come with simply guessing at a color’s formula. An added bonus to this, is that costs are also minimized by getting a color right the first time!


Staying current with the color matching technology itself allows you to stay on the leading-edge in other areas as well. For instance, utilizing the system permits your department to carry the latest formulas from your manufacturer. This sets you even further ahead of the competition!


A final, significant reason to put color matching technology into action throughout your department, is that where our human eyes are fallible, the system is not. Color can look different depending on the individual, which can cause avoidable variances in color matching. The technology allows a department to establish consistent color matching, making it easier on everyone.


The Motive


Purchasing contemporary paint technology is a big step for any department. However, we can confidently say it is a step in the right direction! While there are many reasons a store may decide to update their color matching processes, we’ve found that there are three common catalysts.


A New Beginning.

When you’re starting from scratch, every facet of a project can be overwhelming. Luckily, color matching systems can bring a bit of calm to the chaos, and provide at least one area in which you don’t have to worry. Whether opening a new store, installing a new paint department, or initiating new technology, being at square-one is often the positive momentum one needs to implement the latest color matching systems.


Making an Upgrade.

Being an established store or department is a commendable feat! But to maintain that success, stores will occasionally need to enhance the fundamentals of their processes to increase efficiency and stay on the cutting-edge of technology. No matter what your reason is for upgrading, streamlining the systems through top-of-the-line color matching systems is a frequent incentive for changing a departments current processes.


Changes for the Better.

Unfortunately, sometimes a department’s current program just isn’t working. Whether the device’s support has been unreliable, or the quality of the system itself just isn’t living up to your expectations – for one reason or the other, it’s causing dissatisfaction within the store. Moving away from the old and implementing a state-of-the-art color matching program is often a department’s easiest way to erase the headaches of former systems.


The Minutiae


The devil is in the details!


We understand that when you’re choosing a paint color matching system, the specifics can be complicated. Here’s our suggestions on what to look for in your ideal operating system.


Texture Measurement Capabilities

Why limit yourself? The optimal color matching device should be able to measure across any texture, not just one particular finish.


Lab Quality Accuracy

Strive for perfection. Be sure to select a color matching system that gives precise results in measurement, formulation, and correction – giving your customers the color they want the first time. 


A Trusted Solution

Just because you’re not a paint laboratory, doesn’t mean you can’t be just as accurate. Don’t settle for second best; choose a device given a stamp of approval by well-known paint manufacturers.


Dispenser Compatibility

Make life easy; ensure your color matching device is compatible with your paint dispenser, thus saving you extra time and effort!


Excellent Support

You can’t put a price on ease of mind. Your ideal color matching system should be supported by an enthusiastic, highly-knowledgeable team of individuals who specialize specifically in retail paint.



Kick complications to the curb. Ensure the system you are contemplating is easy to learn and easy to use. Specially, be certain the product can swiftly search formulas, quickly color match, rapidly redispense a customer’s saved formula.



Skip the swindlers. Do your homework, and be confident that you are receiving a competitively priced solution before making a final decision!


Every business has different needs, but a color matching system can be your paint department’s best friend. We hope you find the right fit!

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Matt Snow

Account Manager

Retail Paint Solutions

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