Behind the Scenes at Datacolor: Meet Territory Sales Manager Dan Foley

Role: Territory Sales Manager – Western US


Location: Sacramento, California


Where you’ll actually find Dan: In front of customers anywhere between Phoenix and Seattle.


Favorite color:Dark blue—just a rich, royal color. There’s a tranquility to it.”


Trickiest color conundrum: “Anything to do with metallics. Depending on the level of metallics, it can be very difficult to match the color between two surfaces because of the way the pigments interact with them.”


Fun Fact:I spent about 10 years in the Navy, 5 of them flying out of Hawaii. If you think of the movie Top Gun, I was Goose.”

Running on Color


What does your regular workout routine look like?


Do you hit the gym before work, or stop at the yoga studio on the way home? Maybe you play in a volleyball league, or just take a walk after dinner.


If you are Datacolor’s Dan Foley, you train for ultramarathons in your spare time. You read that right. UltraMarathons. By definition, ultra running is anything over the standard 26.2-mile marathon length, typically 50 to 100 miles.


Dan applies that same dedication to his work with customers across the Western United States. Read on to learn more about his time at Datacolor so far.


Logging Miles and Industry Experience


In addition to Dan’s accomplishments on foot, he’s also put in career miles on his path to Datacolor. After completing his service as a Naval Flight Officer and ROTC instructor at Miami (Ohio) University, Dan transitioned to B2B sales for major network providers like AT&T and Verizon. Through these jobs, he gained experience that he now applies to his role as Regional Sales Manager for Datacolor’s West Coast territory.


Since joining the Datacolor team in October 2014, Dan has logged plenty more miles—both in travel distance and experience. “I travel everywhere from Arizona to Washington, and especially the Silicon Valley and Los Angeles” he said. “Whether it’s textile mills in Compton, technology companies in the Silicon Valley, or the broad range of companies the Pacific Northwest, I’m always moving. The variety keeps things interesting.”


So, what keeps him constantly on the go at work?


“It’s my job to help customers who have a need to control the color of their products,” he said. “Our products have the ability to change everything about the way they manage color. Up until now, many of them have been making judgements purely from visual observation, and we’re giving them the chance to revolutionize their processes.”


“I get feedback from customers who are amazed that they’ve gone from haphazardly analyzing color to doing it accurately, objectively and quantitatively. I get to see a lot of moments where the color industry’s capabilities finally click.”


We asked Dan if those moments of realization and appreciation inspire his work.


“Seeing customers go from visual analyzation to using technology is definitely one of my top-two motivating factors,” Dan said. “I think the other is when I come across something I’ve never seen before. A lot of times that’s in the technology sector. Anytime we get ahold of a new application, it’s a great experience!”


“The application I’m most excited about in the year ahead is SpectraVision,” he went on. “I think it will help us reach a lot of customers that we were previously unable to assist. It takes us into a whole new part of the textile market, and there’s so much help we can lend because of it.”



[Learn More About SpectraVison]


Considering all his travels, it’s hard to believe that anything would surprise Dan at this point. But he told us that isn’t the case:


“What sometimes amazes me is the broad range of products where getting the right color is essential,” he said. “Sometimes the concern is strictly for cosmetic purposes, and sometimes it has a basis in performance. The cosmetic concern is always interesting.”


“For instance, I once worked with a medical company that manufactured one-time-use instruments for open heart surgery that were then discarded forever. The color of that tool was still important. Another company made concert-grade speakers that went high up into the ceiling. The color still needed to be perfect.”


Whether it’s on foot, by plane, or in a car, Dan is certainly uniquely mobile. With so much running around, we wanted to know what keeps his roots linked to Datacolor. He told us:


“My former company was an excellent starting point. But the level and depth of talent that we have here at Datacolor is huge,” Dan said. “We have people who have been here 20-40 years and offer an incredibly broad degree of knowledge. The level of resources we have is significant, and that’s because we are solely dedicated to color. Our true focus is helping customers with color appearance.”


“I also really appreciate the fact that Datacolor has updated all their older solutions and software within the last year and a half. I love that we are modernizing and creating state-of-the-art equipment to stay ahead of industry trends.


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