Forget “Living in the Moment” – Dustin Bowersox is Establishing Datacolor’s Future

You might not even know what your plans are this weekend or what you want to eat for dinner tonight. Meanwhile, Dustin Bowersox, Datacolor’s textile and apparel marketing manager, is already looking three years down the road and beyond.


How did he come to be so forward-looking? It’s all in a day’s work: “My role at Datacolor is to make sure I fully understand how our customers utilize the solutions we have today, identifying which ones to build on, and determining those we don’t have in the toolbox yet. It’s my responsibility to recognize the emerging trends in the textile industry, analyze the shifting economic models, capture where the sourcing models are moving, and then bring that information back to Datacolor. The goal is to ensure we continue to deliver value by having the solutions, technology, and resources for the future in order to continue to meet the color, quality, and business needs of our customers. It’s extremely exciting.”


Exciting indeed. With Dustin at the helm of analyzing future customer needs, we certainly think our outlook is bright. We are very grateful for the personal experience that Dustin now brings to our Datacolor team, and are thrilled to highlight his comprehensive background and progressive inspiration in this installment of “Meet the Experts”!


Originally From: Fremont, Ohio

Favorite color: Scarlet and Gray


Outside of Work: “I enjoy playing and watching sports of all kinds and I’m an avid fan of Ohio State/Cleveland sports. I’ve also begun to attend more concerts. Coldplay and Imagine Dragons are on the short list of concerts to check out.”


Time with Datacolor: Five months


Weirdest Samples Encountered: Sheep’s blood, dentures, sippy cups, and pacifiers


Fun fact: “I like to brag about being part of my elementary schools quiz bowl team. We were Ohio State quiz bowl champs in 5th and 6th grade. I think that was my first trophy because I wasn’t very coordinated/athletic at that point in my life.”


Dustin’s Road to Datacolor


Although he has only been a part of the Datacolor family since July, Dustin is well-versed in the color industry as a whole. In fact, his career path unfolded before he even to took on higher education in the mid ‘90s. “My mom actually worked for a college in northwest Ohio that had a color program, and she worked in the engineering division,” he explained. “She said the job market was hot for graduates of the program, so I dove in and learned what it all meant, from the theoretical to the practical application of color.” The saying must be true – mother does know best!


Dustin continued to immerse himself in the world of color immediately post-college as well. “Right out of college I went to work in New York for GE Plastics ColorXpress, and spent five years there designing formulations for large electronic/tech companies. From there I moved onto Uniform Color Company in Holland MI, and served as Product Development Engineer. I designed color concentrate formulations for the office furniture and personal care industries as well as the automotive sector. I made the jump to textiles in 2008 when I moved north to Minneapolis and took the Color Manager position at Target. I spent nearly a decade there leading the Color Team and was responsible for ensuring that design’s color/quality expectations were successfully executed by the supply chain and delivered to the Target guest on trend.”


Summed up, the major brands you see or use in your day-to-day life, Dustin has had experience working with. Most of us would kill to work that closely with brand-names like Apple, Ford, and Microsoft so what prompted Dustin to make the move to Datacolor?


“This is an easy one! For 20 plus years I’ve been exposed to Datacolor products. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Datacolor team throughout my career. It was humbling and exciting when the opportunity arose for me to take on this position. Because when I looked at Datacolor, I saw experts, I saw people I respected. I relied on the team at Datacolor when I had critical color management issues or questions and needed some consulting. It’s encouraging to know that I can bring my unique and diverse background to the table. I’m really looking forward to strengthening Datacolor’s relationships with brands, retailers, and suppliers in my new role!”


Words from the Wise


Every day offers the chance to improve your work life in one way or another. Dustin had three pieces of advice to give to fellow color professionals:


  • Understand your customer and what’s important to them. The customer is ultimately the gauge of how critical your color needs to be.
  • Don’t work in a silo – find partners. This is a closely connected industry, and I’ve had the best luck when taking questions to fellow industry experts.
  • Embrace technology and recognize the value that smart/simple color management solutions can deliver in improved product quality and your business bottom line.

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