The Color of You

By Lisa Samachson




Ever wonder what each color means to you? How it reflects your personality or character? Or even dictates your personal style?


Most of us have a favorite color, a color that makes us feel good, calms us down, and sometimes even one that we simply can’t stand. How each person perceives color is different depending on a person’s likes, dislikes, and knowledge of color.


While there is no defining truth behind color, there is psychology and a whole industry based on color. Each person may have a different interpretation of color, but no matter what “color defines the way we experience the world”. We are living in vibrant times, full of changing seasons and trends. Businesses and society use color every day to communicate messages to us.


For example, we use red to indicate danger or to exemplify our physical needs, yellow for cheerfulness and to grab one’s attention, and green for relaxation or wealth. At the same time, these three colors are also consistently used to indicate stop, caution, and go and are used one roads everywhere.


Color is all around us but what does your personality color say about you? Read on to find out.


YELLOW – You are full of happiness and light. You are a life long learner. Every so often you enjoy to just sit back and unwind, but you may easily become overwhelmed by stress. Use this time to clear your head and become mindful of the world around you. You love the sunshine and a good challenge. For you, it is often best to think with your head rather than your heart.


RED – Filled with passion and energy, you exude natural leadership qualities. Some people may think you can be a bit competitive at times, but you are just trying to get things done. You may need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and find ways to relate to others more easily. Healthy and happy relationships bring you joy. Hold on to those who make you smile.


ORANGE – You are warm and often described as an optimist. Others enjoy your energy and you like to bring people together. While sometimes you need to get away from it all, you are able to find happiness in your friends and family. You are a go-getter and enjoy the little things in life. Be confident in your abilities- and you will go far in life.


GREEN – While some may say you are “green with envy”, in fact you are a much more well- rounded person. You are compassionate, sensible, and believe in a balanced life. You find peace in nature. When you feel stressed, try going for a walk and observe the nature around you. People enjoy your down-to-earth ways, so be sure to share your thoughts and ideas with others.


BLUE – People describe you as calm and forgiving. Sometimes you may feel down, but you can always get back on your feet. You are not afraid to be different and speak out on something you are passionate about, just don’t forget to think before you act. You are sensitive, a hard worker, and long for your down time. Don’t forget to look up at the sky; you can find tranquility in knowing that blue is always close by.


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Lisa Samachson is an Intern in Product Management at Datacolor and works closely with Marketing Services. She is a student at Pennsylvania State University studying Supply Chain and Information Systems and minoring in International Business. Lisa’s experiences working and studying abroad have helped her connect with others and relate to people of diverse cultures. She hopes to help people realize a vast world of color is possible for all.