Stop struggling with vague color descriptions. Resolve disagreements over color evaluations quickly and effectively. Get your color samples right the first time. If you have 30 minutes, we can show you how.


Datacolor’s new webinar series for busy color professionals has been designed to teach you how to recognize the sources and impacts of common color mistakes, and provide you with best practice you can implement immediately to help you recognize and avoid them.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Variables in human color perception can influence color evaluations.
  • Variations in sample, environment, and instrument design affect color measurement.
  • Colorant selection can influence manufacturability.
  • When metamerism can improve your product.


Pick a single topic – or take advantage of the entire series.


Webinar 1: Seeing Color Saying Color

Webinar 1: Seeing Color Saying Color:

Color Vision and Language
Learn the variables of human color perception and vagaries of natural language. See how geometry of lighting and sample surfaces influence color evaluations. Understand the best practices for visual evaluation and a framework verbal color description.

Webinar 2: Measuring Color

Webinar 2: Measuring Color:


Object Traits, Technology & Technique
See how variations in sample, environment, and instrument design affect color measurement. Learn to select measurement options and techniques appropriate for your product and goals.

Webinar 3: Calculating Color

Webinar 3: Calculating Color:


Coordinates, Indices and Spectra
See how colorimetric evaluations relate to perceptions, colorant properties, and processes. Learn which evaluations best support your quality goals by correlating to perceptual and physical properties.

Webinar 4: Specifying Color

Webinar 4: Specifying Color:


Color Defects, Differences and Tolerances
See effects of distortions in CIELAB color space and misuse of single-number scales. Learn to create complete specifications and reliable product certifications.

Webinar 5: Constructing Color



Webinar 5: Constructing Color:


Harmony, Constancy, Metamerism, Manufacturability
See how exact matches to design ‘inspiration’ samples can lead to broken color harmony for different lights & observers. See how colorant selection influences manufacturability. Learn how considering aesthetic design goals and processes in prototyping and production can lead to more efficient production and more consistent products. Learn the point in the color production chain when metamerism can improve your product.