Benchtop Instruments

Idea for retail paint color matching and quality control for coatings & plastics.

Datacolor 500 Family

Cost-effective, accurate color measurement solution.

Economical, precise instrument with UV filtering.

Affordable, accurate transmission and reflectance measurement.

Datacolor 800 Family

Reference-grade precision, compatible with existing fleets.

Vertical configuration of the Datacolor 800.

Benchmark for reflectance and transmission measurements.

Spectrophotometers are critical instruments for Material Producers and Supply Chain Managers.

Designed for laboratory and quality control of pulp, paper and paper components.

Portables Instruments


Datacolor 45G Family

The only portable spectrophotometer providing close tolerance measurement for both color and gloss.

Simultaneous measurement of color and gloss with best-in-class repeatability.

Highly accurate measurement of color appearance. Achieve close correlation to visual assessment.

Color management, formulation and inspection in the printing of secure documents where color control is critical and fraud protection is paramount.

Designed for the formulation and quality control needs of color professionals in the paint, coatings, plastics and textile industries.

Ideal for retail paint & coatings, and home décor outlets.

Basic Color QC operations in the plastics, paint and packaging-processing industries.

Portable, easy-to-use spectrophotometer that enables accurate color measurement for retail paint and coating applications.

Sample Preparation


Optimal for the textile color measuring facility with variable environmental conditions.


Formulation Software

Ideal for paints, pigments, plastics, leather, inks, and cosmetics industries.

Optimal for color professionals in dyehouse labs and production environments, textile dyers, printers, fiber blenders and dyestuff/auxiliaries manufacturers.

Designed for retail stores that sell paint & coatings and manufacturer labs.


Production Optimization

Produces the most accurate and efficient production dyeing procedure through rules-based calculations for complex dyeing processes.

Designed for textile continuous and exhaust dyeing facilities seeking to improve efficiency, and accuracy in dye and chemical weighing processes.


QC Software

Evaluate color quality using a range of color difference formulas, graphics, and indices from CIE, TAPPI, ISO, and more. Includes Datacolor Sort and Monitor.


Lab Dispense

Ideal for paints, pigments, plastics, leather, inks, and cosmetics industries.

Datacolor Autolab Family

An invaluable compliment product to the AUTOLAB dispenser ensuring solution accuracy.

Accurate dye recipes dispensed quickly, guaranteeing optimized lab productivity and elimination of costly re-dyes from operator errors.


Lab Dyeing

Datacolor Ahiba Family

State-of-the-Art, air-cooled Infrared-Red dyeing unit. Addresses a wide range of dyeing and testing requirements at an affordable price.

Outstanding dyeing performance in any textile exhaust dyeing laboratory.

Patented lid designed for Ahiba beakers with 3 independently operated dosing capsules.


On Screen Evaluation

Datacolor Envision Family

The full featured version supporting image separation utilities for scanned and photographed samples.

All the features of Pro, but without the ability to create new substrates and images.



Datacolor Light Booth Family

The 5 light sources meet the highest demands of visual color inspection. Delivers every option and feature to evaluate and communicate color.

Accommodate your clients’ lighting environment within a single unit. 5 compact light sources – the ideal solution for accurate visual color inspection.

Simple to operate, desktop sized, robust and affordable, including 4-Source light booth for basic visual color assessment.

Similar to DCMB series of units in an overhead installation. Application for larger viewing areas. 4 light sources and possible linkage of up to 8 units.

Sample Preparation


Optimal for the textile color measuring facility with variable environmental conditions.