Global color development shortens the time from concept to consumer


Making sure the colors of your home goods, apparel and footwear products are produced the way they were designed in a complex global supply chain is a daily challenge. Datacolor provides solutions for color measurement of solid color as well as “unmeasurables” (prints, trims, yarns, laces, etc.), visual color evaluation, objective quality analysis, and digital color communication to meet this challenge.
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Create objective digital color data by measuring physical samples with a spectrophotometer.

Datacolor Measure

Datacolor SpectraVision

Enables retailers and suppliers to objectively measure and digitally communicate the color of "the unmeasurables - prints, trims, yarns, laces, etc." It combines an advanced hyperspectral spectrophotometer with best-in-class quality control software to measure, analyze, report, communicate, and visualize accurate color results.

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Spectravision spectrophotometer

Datacolor Spectro 1000 Spectrophotometers

A family of close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers designed for high efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control. Ideal for industries that require a spectrophotometer for the highest level of consistency across the supply chain. It is available in four models to measure color in reflectance or transmission mode in a horizontal or a vertical position.

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Datacolor Spectro 1000 spectrophotometer – True close-tolerance color measurement instrument

Datacolor GUARDIAN

Guard your colors with great care. Unique, predictive maintenance instrument and monitoring service.

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Datacolor ColorReader Family

Improve brand loyalty and increase sales with the ColorReaderPRO professional color matching solution. An ultra-portable, Bluetooth® connected color selection device, ColorReaderPRO provides industry-leading color matching performance. Now you can provide your painters a tool that can match a client’s color inspiration to a corresponding paint color in seconds.

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Datacolor 45 Family

A family of portable instruments to measure and control color and appearance.

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Datacolor 45G CT

Datacolor CHECK3

Portable sphere instrument with excellent correlation to our benchtops. Exceptional measurement performance, extensive onboard functionality, and precise positioning in a new design.

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Datacolor Conditioner

Analyze and Communicate


Evaluate and share numerical color information to enable objective pass/fail decisions.


Datacolor TOOLS

Datacolor TOOLS is a straightforward color quality control application for industries where color accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality. Objective pass/fail tolerances and color differences guarantee consistent color quality and improved throughput.

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Visually Assess


Visually evaluate color with standardized light cabinets and accurate on-screen color display.

Datacolor Visually Assess

Datacolor ENVISION

Ensures accurate sample color display on a calibrated monitor. Color measurement data is applied to detailed images and textures to produce lifelike product simulations as a substitute for physical samples. Reduce physical sampling in global supply chains with Datacolor ENVISION.

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Datacolor Lightbooth Family

A portfolio of table top and overhead lighting solutions for accurate and repeatable visual color assessment.

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Understand Light Sources


Datacolor Conditioner

Datacolor Assessment Services


Datacolor Certify is a color assessment and lab audit program that helps brands, retailers, and vendors dramatically reduce the time and cost of product development.


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Performance Monitoring


Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your spectrophotometer with regular diagnostic tests.


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Enhance employees’ product knowledge through online videos and customized training.


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Application Support


Get answers and resolve issues by contacting a Datacolor Applications Support specialist.


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Hardware Services


Eliminate errors and down time by scheduling preventative spectrophotometer maintenance.


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