Greater transparency and improved communication for efficient color development


Do you know how much time brands and suppliers are wasting on resolving issues with color? In most cases, these issues can be eliminated by improving communication and gaining better transparency into your suppliers’ color workflow. Datacolor introduced ColorHub to eliminate common bottlenecks and streamline the product development process.


The ColorHub from Datacolor is a depository of color data that gives brands and suppliers the transparency required for efficient and timely production.

  • Enable data-driven decision making
  • Reduce production cost
  • Shorten time to market


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How it works

ColorHub is a web-based platform that provides real-time visibility into the supply chains’ production color performance. Just log in, view production data, and take action quickly on any product that could pose quality risks. By identifying these issues immediately, brands and mills can be confident that quality issues will be flagged and corrected appropriately.



What’s in it for the supplier?


  • Saves significant costs and enables faster, less costly production
  • Helps to market unique value to attract and retain more clients
  • Saves time and money identifying problematic colors and escalating them for reformulation or alternative color selection




What’s in it for a brand?


  • Assures that the supplier will continue to maintain shade control throughout production
  • Allows brands and retailers to strategically place orders with mills that have shown success in achieving a defined color palette
  • Improves the color cohesiveness of multi-component products and coordinating sets


How it saves time and resources

How it saves time and resources

ColorHub builds trust between brands and suppliers and can help eliminate weeks in the development calendar, allowing them to respond to fashion trends more quickly. It also frees up the capacity within design and color teams to focus on other business critical initiatives.


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