Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Yes, click on the Additional information icon on the top left corner and then select Resources.

This error indicates that you have previously signed up for a Datacolor account to access CloudQC Viewer. Please check for an email from Datacolor Cloud and proceed to sign in. Make sure the emails were not sent to the spam or junk folders

Please choose ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen and check for Datacolor Cloud sender in your email inbox to reset it

QTX History

‘Is New’ indicates the file was uploaded but not open in CloudQC Viewer. ‘Is Processed’ indicates that the file has been open, evaluated and shared via QTX or PDF.

If the user deletes all the QTX files, the program will go back to the first QTX upload screen

User Interface

Yes, on the top left of the screen, click on the name of the desired selection to switch to a different illuminant/observer. The appropriate components will change to reflect the illuminant/observer selection

This indicates that the instrument conditions of the batch(s) are different than the conditions that the standard was measured. Hovering over the red symbol will show the instrument conditions of the batches. If there are not discrepancies in the measurement conditions of standard and batches the symbol shows in black.

M1,2 Metamerism Index (Multiplicative) for secondary illuminant compared to primary illuminant. M1,3 is Metamerism Index (Multiplicative) for tertiary illuminant compared to the primary illuminant

Click on the Status or Comments icons for the specific batch and choose a status for Approved or Rejected. The user can apply the same status to multiple batches by clicking on ‘Apply to All Selected’ option

On the left navigation, choose the icon for illuminant/observers and choose up to 3 sets from the available list

On the left navigation, choose the icon for tolerances and choose from 4 possibilities

If the QTX contains more than one standard, use the left navigation to click on the standards icon and select on the desired standard from the list.

Enabling this option preserves the white balance of the color displayed regardless of the Illuminant/Observer selected. When the option is not selected, white or grey colors look orange for certain illuminants like A or U3500

Yes, if the user choose the option Export selected Batches, only those batches selected on the batch grid will be included on the QTX and PDF files

Yes, all 4 components are dynamically connected. Highligjting a batch in any of the compoanents will highlight the batch in the other 3 components

Yes, color difference plot and reflectance plot can zoomed in and panned to specific areas

Press the symbol on the top right corner to reset the plot to the original size and position

Hovering on any point on the color difference plot or area of the reflectance curve will show the name of the batch as well as additional information

Working with QTX Files

Standard Fields

Batch Fields

Yes, only the standard(s) information will be available.

In this version, up to 10 standards and 20 batches for each standard

Yes, a copy of the duplicated file will be uploaded with a number in parenthesis at the end of the name

Between users of CloudQC Viewer, the status and comments fields will be read from the QTX and populate the batch grid.

For users of Tools or competitive QC packages the fields STD_COMMENTS, BAT_STATUS and BAT_COMMENTS need to be added to be recognized by the program